“Educational guidance is primarily concerned with the student’s success in his educational career. It relates to the student’s adjustment to school and to the preparation and carrying out of suitable educational plans in keeping with his educational needs, abilities and career interests.”

  1. Directing the Academic Growth:

Guidance is provided for helping the individual to develop his abilities and skills and acquire knowledge without difficulty. Learning in the class is to be made adjustable to the needs, interests and abilities of the pupils. The pupil is to be helped to developed good study habits and right attitudes to studies, and to select the educational courses in accordance with his interests and abilities.

  1. Directing Vocational Maturity:

The students are  helped to develop right attitude towards work, basic skills needed for vocational life in general, and to make the right choice for vocation in-accordance with their abilities, interest and aptitude.

  1. Directing Personal Social Adjustment:

Every student is guided to understand himself, analyse his abilities and interests, understand the environment around and make suitable adjustment. There is need for clarifying the goals of schooling and building a proper philosophy of life in the pupils, so that they can be better members of the family and life.


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