The mental and the physical growth of the child is most rapid between 2-4 years. His/her grasping power is very sharp. According to scientists half of the intelligence of human is developed before the child turns four. Keeping this in mind a Finland based education system is being given to each and every child. Here 3 years old child speaks good english and french British Fort Kindergarten is a place where children have access to various materials and activities throughout the day. Children learn numbers and alphabet in the context of their every day experiences. Curriculum is adapted for hose who are ahead as well as those who need extra help. The friendly,colorful and uniquely designed environment is ideal for learing. The state of art, specially designed equipment, the latest innovativeteaching aids and a scientific curriculum. The expert guidance provided by our experienced and highly trained staff of dedicated and loving teachers. The quality teaching that ensures a complete social, emotional and intellectual development of a child.