British Fort Foundation has got one of the most luxurious separate for body and girls. There are 6 dorms in the hostel : Vega for small children, Capella for girls, Canopus for 5th-6th children, Pollux for 8th-9th class children, Riza for 10th-11th class children and Denub for 12th class children. Healthy food is provided, four times a day , which gives them hygineic meal give them strong personality. Every sunday movie magic special meal and dance music make it special. Every dorm has individual television and telephone facilities. Tuition teachers take extra classes in the evening hours where subject specialist clear their doubt and make them strong in the subject. Hostelers can enjoy Swimming regulerly. There are 3 playgrounds where they enjoy playing. There is a nice gym in school campus. Personality development and Spoken English classes are given by Anurag Soni.