Director’s Desk

British Fort Foundation Director’s Desk
From the pen of the CHAIRMAN

Every child has a stream of consciousness in their mind. Their thoughts flow like river in many direction. The curious mind of a child is a happy cauldron of questions driven by this simple yet profound word, “Why ?” Because only intelligent students can ask questions “Why ?”  They need appropriate answers. Education to us in an invitation to a child, to explore, not impose, to fire his imagination and encourage him to fearlessly ask, “Why” ? without any preconceived notions, to patiently guide him towards a path of discovery and to find his own answers after considering all possible view points, and have fun while doing it  all, only then is a child creatively inspired and truly empowered to take on the challenges of life. We monitor the growth and development of each child individually and see to it that they should learn and perform to the highest degree of their potential .


International Educator & Motivator